We strive to empower local artists and give back to our community, all while crafting a beverage that you’ll absolutely love.

Local is sparkling water done differently: fruit essenced sparkling water with a touch of cane sugar. It’s the perfect drink for anyone who wants a healthier alternative to soda, but who doesn’t want to completely neglect their sweet tooth.

as art

All of us here at Drink Local Labs wholeheartedly believe in businesses that give back to their communities!

As proud Goshen College graduates, it was during our time at Goshen College that we came to know so many friends producing amazing quality art. It was these friends who made us wish there was a way for more people to get to enjoy their pieces as part of their everyday lives.

Every single bottle (soon to be can) of Local displays the artwork of a community member. Check our website often, because we will be posting profiles of our first artists here within the next month!

as environmental responsibility

When we first decided to pursue making Local a reality, we all agreed that we wanted to be an ecologically responsible business from the get-go. We at Local are committed to sustainable packaging solutions and otherwise sustainable business practices.

as community

Ultimately, we are excited to be launching Local as an opportunity to produce a product that Goshen is proud to call its own! The three of us come from literally all over the globe, but we have all fallen in love with Goshen’s diverse and vibrant community. We think nothing would be cooler than seeing people enjoying a colorful can of Local on a nice, sunny summer day. More than anything else, we are looking forward to joining the already buzzing group of passionate entrepreneurs in Goshen and supporting an incredible set of Local artists!